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R350 Grant

Will SASSA Make The R350 Grant Permanent in South Africa? Find Out Now

The R350 grant may become permanent for unemployed South Africans.

This comes after it has been recognised and noticed that a large number of South Africans still remain unemployed.

The number of applications that came in ever since the grant was reinstated should be a clear indication of that.

A lot of South African citizens are suffering especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, most people lost their jobs.

The grant has become an important necessity.

Pleas have been coming in from all angles for the grant to remain in place for a longer time.

Even though it has been reinstated and will expire in the following year 2022, there is more hope that it might remain permanent.

The reasons for this are straight forward ;

Unemployment rate is high (R350 Grant is low)

The unemployment rate is undeniably high in South Africa.

More citizens are losing their jobs than them getting new jobs.

Population increase

I am sure that we all know that when the population of a country increases that leads to a shortage of certain needs.

The more people we have in our country, the lesser jobs become.

R350 Grant

Immigration rise

The immigration system and laws in South Africa are not as strict as they used to be.

Immigrants cross from their country of origin to South Africa.

Unlawfully they are able to obtain papers and identity cards, this leads to them becoming official citizens of South Africa.

Most South Africans suffer from this.

All the above mentioned are and should be clear enough reasons as to why the R350 grant should and might remain permanent.

However we don’t have hope about it, it is something that we can only dream about.

During the month of September Cosatu has been working days on end to ensure that the money is permanent for those who are unemployed.

Not only that but they are taking on the SASSA offices and the government to increase the child support grant to R600.

South Africans rejoice about this but it may be too early to get their hopes up high.

There is a slight chance that the increase may even ever come.

Reason being that when Covid-19 came, South Africa as a country took a strain.

It is said that we lost billions of rands due to the pandemic.

The question that may come to mind is where did all that money go.

Does it have to do with corruption?.

Maybe not, the government wouldn’t lie to its own citizens right? But we may never know in this world.

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One comment

  • NGAKAMONE p Seanego

    September 25, 2021

    It will assist if lidas nows whst porverty is.
    Unfortunately thy dont feel nothing about us.
    Its December im only gettiting sassa fr two kids whi stays far from school. Pays 500 fr their transpot.300 fr grade r as thres no space at Marapong lephalale in schools om.keft wth 100rabt its fr evrything at home.i start begging fr help from gas nd food.since 2014 as poloticians control’s recruitment i cant get job.its painfull to b SOUTH Afiricans. Atlist illegal immigrants niws that’s thy a bennefitting nit us.
    Thy fell pregnant in Zimbabwe nd come to south Africa fr birth nd BENEFITS. Bt us w cant do that in the neighboring country’s. Our wiman lidas a the most uncarrying poloticians whi only koows talking shows about us as poor woman of this COUNTRY. Now we a sitting under billionaire President whos brave to burn foods and come to the same people yo ask fr votes. I trusted him bt it seems hes the most DANGEROUS reach President w ever have does Ramaphosa knows the poor???350.00.

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