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SRD Grant


Have you been declined from receiving the SRD grant because you have a pending UIF status?

Have you thought about how you can go about fixing this without going to the physical labour offices.

Then you can read on, because i will provide a clear and straightforward solution to this.

When SASSA reinstated the SRD grant, their rules and regulations didn’t change much from what they were before.

Your SRD GRANT information will be verified every month

SASSA made it clear that they will verify your information every month,

to make sure that no changes were made during the previous month.

In terms of employment status and whether or not you are receiving a social grant.

This regulation was put in place in order to make sure that people

don’t receive the grant unlawfully.

Due to this a lot of people have been declined from receiving the SRD grant,

most of the reasons as to why thet are declined are related to them being registered to receive

an unemployment benefit.

This may be an issue of an individual who was previously employed

and is currently receiving an unemployment benefit.

However people shared and expressed their feelings about this.

A lot of them mentioned on social media networks, that they were not receiving any sorts of unemployment benefits.

This is a challenging fact for them and they didn’t know how to work their way around this.

How do i clear my UIF status without going to labour offices?

There is a solution for this, if you know you have been declined for this reason follow the steps below.

From your mobile device open up your dialer and type the following

Step 1 : Dial *134*834#

Step 2 : Choose option 3

Step 3 : Type your initials as in your ID book (eg. N.S McKay)

Step 4 : Type your ID number and press send

After this you will receive a confirmation SMS,

this will notify you on whether you’re in the system or not.

If you are registered your name will be cleared as asked to.

NB. – This cannot be reversed if you wish to change your mind later, so make sure you’re certain of it.

The next step is to apply for reconsideration again, read here to know how.

SRD Grant

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