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sassa approved but no payment date


Have you ran across a scenario whereby your SASSA R350 Is approved but no payment? Here’s what it may mean.

As we have come to the beginning of a new year 2022, most people are still in the dark when it comes to their R350 grant.

Some have came across problems and scenarios where they are approved but never received payment,

for some it is a matter of being approved but no payment date is being shown on their application.

This may be a cause for concern to most but worry not as this article will clear to you the main reasons why you have such problems.

The SASSA R350 grant was reinstated in the month of August 2021, reason being

that the national lockdown was being continued. And restrictions being tighter.

The president alongside the government of South Africa announced that the R350 grant

would be reinstated to assist those who were struggling to make ends meet during the lockdown.

Millions of people came forward with their applications, as soon as they were open

applications were skyrocketing but some others have their complaints.

And it has been so ever since this grant was introduced.

How is it that your friends or family members would be approved and get paid? But not you.

SASSA did mention that every single month they would review each and every person’s

application and this process has been proven and said to be lengthy.

As there are a million applicants, and less SASSA workers due to some working from home.

You may find that you applied for your grant a bit later than those who applied immediately when the applications were open.

This may be one of the reasons why your paydays are delayed whenever you check your SRD grant status.

Another reason why you may be approved but not receiving payment.

Is because

you may had an error in the bank account details you provided to the agency.

Banking details are the most crucial part to making sure you get your payment in time ;

if you go back to your application and do a thorough check to see whether or not you made

a typing error that may lead to SASSA not being able to verify your banking details,

and make sure you get paid in time.

It is crucial to understand that the SASSA system is not at all automated, applications and

applicants information has to be verified and thoroughly checked by humans. In short SASSA workers

And just like everyone else, they may make an error in the information they input into their system. So

you might have to wait longer than others to get paid.

However there are ways and solutions as to how you can fix this.

sassa approved but no payment date


This is important to note, one thing you can do is go back to your application and check your details,

make sure you entered your ID number and cellphone number correctly. If you did not

rectify those mistakes and errors to make sure you get paid in time like the others.


You may find that your details have been entered correctly, but your payments are still delayed and you wonder

what can you do about this.

Well you can change the way you prefer to receive your SRD grant payments. For example if you

were receiving your payments in your bank account. Change and choose the PnP or boxer

store option. This may help you because you would know that all you have to do

is wait for an SMS stating that your funds are ready to be collected instead of checking your

status frequently only to be bombered by the fact that you have been approved but not paid.


For caregivers, the most obvious option is to choose to get your payments into you child’s

grant card. This has been proven to be an efficient method as SASSA will combine your child’s grant

with your SRD grant so you are sure to receive your money when you go and collect your child’s funds.

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