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SASSA Lists Reasons Why You Are Declined

SASSA lists reasons why you were declined.
As a lot of people are declined for the R350 grant.
That was set out by SASSA for the unemployed youth and unemployed.

This comes as a surprise and confusion to many people who were expecting the grant like before.

Some did get the R350 in the first run that was before it was reinstated again.

However when they try to apply for August and the months to follow, they get declined.

Not knowing what the decline reason means and why it happened. SASSA clarifies this.


This means that the applicant has an income flow or more than R595 per month.

SASSA has a way of checking this through your bank account.


The personal information provided does not match with your information at the department of home affairs.

This means that your name or surname may have been mistyped.


SASSA – existing_sassa_grant

The applicant is a current recipient of a social grant.

This may be the child support grant, disability grant and so forth.

SASSA – nsfas_registered_

The applicant is a student receiving a benefit from the National students funds aid scheme.

SASSA – uif_registered

The applicant is eligible for unemployment insurance fund.

These are all the reasons as to why your application is declined, we hope this brings a sense of clarity to everyone.

The best thing about the SRD grant though is that you can fix all the above declined reasons when you appeal for reconsideration.

This can be done on the official SASSA website in just a few easy steps, it doesn’t take even as much as a few minutes as your information is already saved.

If for any reasons you run into trouble you can comment down below and you will be assisted accordingly.

SASSA is committed to helping everyone received the unemployment benefit as it is from the government not them.

Don’t give up just because you were declined once, try to appeal once or twice and take your decision from there. You will thank yourself later.


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