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Sassa grant payment dates

READ : How to get your SASSA grant at capitec without a card

If I don’t have a bank card can I still get my Sassa grant at capitec?. This is a question that a lot of people have.

You are probably reading this because your SASSA grant has been paid into your Capitec bank account,

however the only issue is that you don’t have a bank card to head out to the ATM and enjoy your money in peace. After doing the SRD grant status check read below.

How does one go about collecting their Sassa grant without a card then?

The best thing is that with the assistance of technology nowadays, one does not necessarily need a bank card

to withdraw their money at the ATM because most banks have made it easier for people to withdraw.

Banks like Capitec have an alternative option to doing so, in the tutorial below follow the steps correctly so you

will not face any problems.

Sassa grant payment dates

STEP 1 : SRD grant status check

Open your Capitec app.

STEP 2 : SRD grant status check

Choose transact.

STEP 3 : SRD grant status check

Choose the cash send option.

STEP 4 : SRD grant status check

Enter your cellphone number, with the amount you want to send. That being R350 for your SASSA grant.

STEP 5 : SRD grant status

The app will prompt you to enter a 4 digit PIN code. Do so and proceed to step 6.

STEP 6 : SRD grant status check

Choose next and send.

Upon finishing the above mentioned steps, you will receive an SMS in your cellphone

that has a reference number, you will have to go to your nearest Capitec ATM and choose careless services,

this will allow you to punch in the reference number followed by the 4 digit PIN code you entered in the

Capitec app and you will be able to withdraw your money successfully without having to insert your bank card.

This method has been proven to worth efficiently, as so it was designed for you to send money to

friends and family but you can also utilise it to collect your money at Capitec incase you forgot your bank card

or it was stolen or lost.

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