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Grant Amount

R700 Per Child Should Be The New Grant Amount

The South Africa child support grant amount should be raised to an amount of R700 per child and there are a number of reasons for that, but in this article i will mention a few.

R700 per child should now be the new grant amount.

Talks have been circulating around the internet and other social media networks that the president of South Africa might announce a raise in the child support grant.

A lot of people believe and say that they have hope that the grant will be raised to an amount of R600 per child, however this is not confirmed yet.

Grant Amount

In my own opinion I believe that even R600 wouldn’t be enough to cover for people’s daily and monthly needs. This is because R460 alone is way below the poverty line.

R600 would be better but not enough so this is why they must raise it to R700 instead.

Unemployment rate is high

The level of unemployment in South Africa is incredibly high.

And most of those unemployed individuals are single mothers who cannot make ends meet.

If the government could raise the child support grant to be R700 it would curb the hunger and poverty that these people are facing each and every day.

Jobs are scarcer especially for those who are uneducated.

They tend to depend on the grant as it helps them buy groceries and sometimes pay school fees their children.

More children and less fathers (Grant amount)

In my own opinion i see more children being born and less fathers being present for their kids.

This takes a huge toll on the lives of these poor innocent children.

Their mothers are left alone to fend for themselves.

Nine out of ten mothers have admitted to depending on the child support grant even for their own needs.

A raise from R460 to R700 would make a huge difference in these people’s lives.

SASSA should reconsider every possible option on this issue. For job opportunities visit this link

If petition was to be a held i know that 100% of women would vote for a raise of R700 than R600.

Some may believe that this is to lure women to get vaccinated because the government wants to commit a mass murder.

But i believe that it is fake news and hoaxes, however if they have been considering to raise the child support grant then it should definitely be R700.

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