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R350 Grants Halted As SASSA Waits For R26.7Billion Approval From Parliament

The department of social security agency is currently waiting for approval of R26.7Billion from the parliament to cover for the R350 grants.

It appears as if the SRD grant payments have been halted by this also.

As on Tuesday the agency chief Financial officer was up in court standing for the agency to explain how these funds will and should be used.

If they are approved in parliament they will get exactly a sum of R26.7Billion from parliament.

These funds shall be used to cover for the costs of the R350 grant that will run until March 2022.

R500 Million is to improve SASSA systems

SASSA’s chief financial Officer broke it down in parliament how this R500million should be spent.

With the chunk change being R323Million going to the post office South Africa.

Most of our people have utilised the post office as easy access, most of this amount will go to the over-the-counter services that we’re paying the post office – R17.25 per person or beneficiary service over the counter”, Chauke said.

The officer also mentioned that bank charges would be a total of R51 Milion.


nd in hand R35 Million would go towards strengthening communications.

“Everywhere you go there are cries that we are not communicating enough”, he added.

For improving SASSA’S systems R28 Million was set aside while R42 Million was given to its call centre.

Due to this you may probably have difficulties with checking your status.

You might even see some glitches here and there but it is something that you shouldn’t worry yourself about.

Payments may be halted due to this, so don’t worry if you are not paid in time.

SASSA is working overtime to making sure everyone gets paid in time, don’t spread fake or hoax news.


If ever you have any queries related to your application.

Never speak to anyone who doesn’t work in the SASSA department, this may lead to you being scammed.

A lot of people have faced this kind of problem while sharing their personal information.

SASSA will always notify you of any changes.

Unless stated there aren’t any.

This should serve as a relief to many people.

If you have been rejected before read this article to learn how to reconsider.

Will SASSA increase the child support grant?

It is still unknown, however talks are still underway as COSATU is fighting for it.

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