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Covid-19 Variant

New Covid-19 Variant : Here’s What To Expect In South Africa


There has finally been rumours circulating

mostly around social media networks and the news, that a new variant of

Covid-19 has been found. Also known as Omicron.

This comes as no surprise as South Africans because the lockdown rules,

and regulations were highly violated by the citizens of this country. Including large gatherings and parties.

Nonetheless according to a report by News24 the symptoms of this new variant

are rather mild unlike the Covid-19 we’ve had before, people may not need

hospitalisation. But it is urged that doctors don’t ignore the symptoms of their patients.

What should we expect in South Africa?

As we all know with our country whenever we have a spike detection in the infections,

or a new variant being found we will be put straight into lockdown.

This is said to help people stay indoors more, rather than going around and infecting others.

The South African president might put a stronger than before level of lockdown,

meaning we will probably go back to level 6 or further beyond that.

We might see alcohol sales and consumption being restricted again in an attempt to curb

the new variant from spreading, but this is highly judged and criticized by the citizens.

Covid-19 Variant

It is expected that the president will address the nation on what will happen,

the changes that will take place in South Africa and when he will do this. Will be updated in the media.

A lot of people aren’t at ease but not about the Covid-19 Variant but about whether or not alcohol

will now be restricted taking into consideration it is almost the festive season

whereby a lot of alcohol consumption will happen.

In the previous year, a similar experience was had when he increased the lockdown level

to the very last one and people were required to be indoors throughout December, and the rest of the holidays.

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