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How To Have A Cleaner Vagina || 2022 Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

Self care is the most important thing one has to focus on, a fresh and cleaner vagina would be key to a long lasting relationship. Here are home remedies for a cleaner vagina.

Imagine a scenario where you entered a public taxi or bus, and then all of a sudden everyone

covered their noses and mouths…awkward situation right?.

Then you turn and face down only to find that your own private part smells like seafood.

Such an embarrassment would last with you for a really long time but worry not.

Because if you are facing the challenge of a smelly private part, I will discuss below

a few home remedies including over the counter medication that can help you

achieve the fresh and cute smelling private part. Let’s begin.

First things first let us discuss what can make a vagina to have an unusual stench.

Think about this for a second, unlike a man’s private part a woman’s vagina has certain

qualities that would likely make it to smell awkwardly, sometimes the usual natural smell

But what happens when natural turns into a disastrous thing. You have to keep clean right?.

If you have read this far then we have a surprise in store for you, keep reading.

Tip NUMBER 1 : Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

Washing with cold water. This cannot be stressed enough,

washing your private part with cold water is key to making sure that no smelly fumes

are coming up from down there. Cold water helps reduce the amount of heat

In your vagina which is already natural heat and gasses. They are the ones

that cause it to have a natural but not so good smell.

Tip NUMBER 2 : Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

Using a vaginal cleanse. This has worked for many women and might work for you too

there are hundreds of over the counter vaginal cleanses out there which,

can be bought at your local grocery store or even your local pharmacy.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription, just ask

for the best recommended vaginal cleanse and the store assistant will recommend

one just for you. Do not worry about not using it correctly. Every item

has a tutorial or walkthrough on how to use it.

Tip NUMBER 3 : Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

Always wipe after using the loo. This has been taught to most women as they are growing up

wiping your private part (Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina) will assist you drastically in changing the way it smells and feels,

the reason for this is because a vagina unlike a man’s private part

cannot dry itself so you the owner has to take extra caution in making sure that

every trip to the toilet is assisted by a wipe down after. Make sure you don’t finish the toilet paper.

Tip NUMBER 4 : Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

For tips on Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina. Wipe your private part after sexual intercourse. This is one thing most people

tend to not care about. Wiping your vagina after sexual intercourse helps it to remain fresh and

clean because a lot of times the fluids that come from sex will cause a woman’s vagina to be

fragile and makes it easy for it to contract diseases and infections that will make it have

an unusual smell so make sure that you wipe yourself after enjoying yourself. Use wipes.

Tip Number 5 : Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina

Use alcohol free products for Home Remedies For A Cleaner Fresh Vagina keep reading , using alcohol free products on your vagina can have major assistance

because using perfume based products can make your vagina grow fungi and have bacteria that in turn will cause you to have that unusual smell.

If you loved this article, share it to friends and family and remember to always WIPE.

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