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Srd grant status


As we approach the end of the year, the new year is a stones throw away.

Data shows that the number of people who rely on financial assistance from the government outnumber those employed.

You may be amongst the millions of South Africans who are concerned about their next social grant payment. Let’s keep you in the loop on next month’s payments.

Sassa has five major social grants that looks after these vulnerable individuals.

Below are Sassa grant payment dates for January 2022:

Older Person’s Grants – 4 January 2022

Disability Grants – 5 January 2022

NB: Including any grants linked to these accounts

Foster Care Grants –

6 January 2022

Care Dependency Grants –

6 January 2022

Child Support Grants –

6 January 2022

As for the SRD grant,

there is no set payment date.

More than half of the South African population is dependent on social grants to survive.

Efficient Group senior economist,

Dr. Francois Stofberg, estimates 19 million are currently living off grants,

additionally 1.5 million people lost jobs because of Covid-19 – bringing the total grant recipients to about 20.5 million.

Most SASSA grant recipients collect their grants from a post office.

The last 3 digits of your ID number determine on which day you can collect your SRD grant. Prior to your visit to the post office,

you ought to have an SMS stating when your R350 is ready to be withdrawn – it is a requirement.

In response to beneficiaries that have been approved, yet haven’t received payment – the agency says payments are underway,

Srd grant status

all qualifying applicants will receive their deserved grants.

There are people who have been complaining about appeals and reconsideration,

this is what Sassa has said to address these concerns:”

Clients who applied for reconsideration are advised of the delay in addressing the reconsideration requests.

SASSA is currently working to resolve this.”

For more info, click here.SASSA continues to say, “There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day.

Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed“.

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