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Do This To Apply For Reconsideration Successfully

The SRD grants have already been paid out in full to all qualifying applicants, August like many other months before that may be done with.

However not everyone has a smile on their faces as some applicants complained about being wrongfully rejected for the R350 grant.

That is not the main concern or issue though, the problem comes when they cannot apply for reconsideration of their applications.

The SASSA website is always not working or currently unavailable with the same “failed” error when users attempt to apply on the website.

We have gathered some information of how they can get around this particular problem.

First things first you must visit the official SASSA website which is srd.sassa.gov.za upon loading the site, you have to scroll down until you see “apply for reconsideration” however you don’t just click the option.

You have to reload the webpage again, this time using the desktop version option if you are using Google chrome this option is available on the tool bar which is at the top right corner of your screen.

By doing so you are accessing the website through a desktop version, meaning you will be redirected to the desktop version of the website instead of the mobile version.

When you click the apply for reconsideration option it will ask you to insert all the relevant information, upon doing so you must click next. This has been proven to work because fewer people use laptops or PC’s to apply for the website is prone to freezing.

If this solution works for you and you were able to appeal successfully, share this article on all social media platforms. Comment below if you require assistance.


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