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Do This Now If Your SRD Grant status Says Pending

If your SRD status says pending for almost weeks or days on end, this is what you must do now to get some results.

Every month SASSA double checks your information sometimes it does take longer than the previous month.

This is due to the fact that a lot of applicants put in applications every month, and the agency has to process those new applications.

This causes a delay in the applications that were put in before that, your pending application for instance –

if your employment status changed during the course of the previous month this can also be the reason for the delay.

SASSA uses your ID number and SARS information to check whether you still qualify for the grant.

Due to this reason it is slower because fewer people are working during the COVID19 pandemic. So SASSA has to go an extra mile to obtain this information.

what can you do about your pending status?

There are a few things you can do about this –

Take your ID to the nearest post office – This can help you,

because sometimes the agency releases your money without an approved or pay day tag.

If you’re a quick thinker you can take your ID to the nearest post office to check if your money is there.

Check your bank balance regularly – as much as this may not make sense but it helps,

often times most banks will have glitches and they won’t notify you about money coming in or going out.

Checking your bank account balance would work in your favour because it may happen that you have been paid,

but the bank didn’t notify you about it.

Check your status everyday – i cannot stress how important this is in making sure you get paid

if you learn to check your SRD grant status regularly you will always be updated whether there have been any changes or not. If all the above doesn’t work you have no option but to wait.

Most people tend to be impatient and they rush to get approved or a payday. This doesn’t assist in any way.

If you were paid the previous month you will definitely get approved and paid the current month also.

However the case is different if your employment status changed over time SASSA may reject you due to alternative income source identified – if it happens you get rejected wrongfully you’re allowed to appeal.

If you want to learn how to file an appeal successfully read here.


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