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Arrie Cakes being a social media personality and a stance lover, has certainly made a name for herself in that particular industry.

At a very youthful age she has portrayed and shared major love for cars through sharing of pictures

on her social media pages, more especially Instagram. People may ask and wonder

How? Because she is a girl. Well that does not mean ladies can’t do it too.

In South Africa there is a popular term used for cars which are lowered,

they are referred to as “dropped” or a “downfall”, also known as stance around the world.

Arrie Cakes has shown major love and interest in this as she doesn’t cease to amaze people.

With a large followers base. Stances cars is not the only thing she is able to rock fearlessly.

Her looks and sexiness is also something we can look at and think to ourselves,

an angel was created in the midst of light to bring joy and hope into our lives.

Her followers and fan base show some love to her. There are a lot of stance clubs out there

Specifically in South Africa where people would go out in their lowered cars, in a convoy

to showcase the beauty of these beasts. A show is usually held where a winner would get a certain price

if their ride gets voted upon many times, a hostess is usually needed and this is where ARRIE CAKES comes in

she of course recently announced in her Instagram account that she is available for bookings, if contacted beforehand you might get yourself a good deal

and most definitely a hostess experience you won’t forget, the better looking the lady. The more money to be made.

A snippet of what your stance club convoy would be opened by, as you can see she just does not love cars only

cars seem to love her back and she is rocking it, booking information is below.

Car events is not the only thing she deals with, you can book her for music video shoots

MCing for events, photoshoots and appearance. Much more listed above.

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