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A Must Read : 3 Proven Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You Back

Admit it. You have a crush at this moment someone whom you like dearly but feel as if they are not even noticing that you exist. It’s the worst feeling right?.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way anymore because today I will share the three secrets that will get your crush to like you back, or even take notice of you so make sure you read until the end of this article as it will blow your mind.

•Constant texting – Believe or not but we live in a world where texting rules more than speaking with a person personally, so if your desire is to get your crush to notice you make sure you are texting them constantly even if its only three texts per day. This will make them feel important and as if they belong somewhere. Make sure you send a goodnight text and remember a sweet long good morning text everytime they wake up.

•Offer gifts – Most people wouldn’t really settle for someone who can’t show their appreciation and love through gifts, sending your crush a gift anonymously will definitely create a spark because they would be able to see that you might have more to offer. Through doing so you will not only have their attention but their heart will always be longing for when the next gift will pop up. See the irony behind this?. You will be making him/her to long to hear from you again and you will start seeing results as they will even begin to text you first. So never underestimate the power of gifts.

•Don’t tell anyone – People will most likely want to ruin things for you at all times, so when you think about telling your friends about who your crush is. Think twice.

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